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Our expertise - The company's Expertise is at work right from designing of custom made pipes to the company's total engineering packages for pipeline projects.

We manufacture of high quality concrete pipes. The Pipes are made to Indian Standard Specification (I.S. 458-2003), and which compare favorably with the Australian, British or American Standards. Pipes are manufactured to suit a wide range of client's requirements.

The Company is actively involved in the strengthening of the states infrastructure in varied fields like Water Supply, Irrigation, Drainage, Power Generation and Rail transport by executing numerous turnkey pipeline projects for Water Supply, Sewerage.

Pipe-loaded Truck Ready to dispatch Pipes

At Kamal cement pipes we have a separate department which looks in to the R & D in the following specific areas:

                            • Inspection of important Raw-materials
                            • Evaluation of Alternate Raw-materials
                            • Design and Improvement of the manufacturing process and quality of products
                            • Improvement of Designs of Plant and Machinery
                            • Technology Up gradation
                            • New Product Development

Products manufactured at Kamal Cement Pipes are mainly used for:

                            • Road culverts,
                            • Water pipe line,
                            • Cable crossing,
                            • Small bridge,
                            • Water tanks,
                            • Railway culverts and
                            • National Highway road culverts,
                            • Drains

Our range of Products manufactured in accordance with I S 458-2003 NP2 RCC pipes from 80mm to 1800mm. For village road, diversion road etc. NP3 class 300mm to 2300mm. For National Highways, Major and Medium State Highways. NP4 class 300mm to 2300mm. For railway small bridges and other high duty traffic roads. Water tank For residential purpose as well as water supply, Septic Tank.

Cement Pipe Manufacturing Unit - Nira, Pune, Maharashtra, India

For residential, hotels, Marriage hall sanitation.

  • P1 Reinforced concrete pressure pipes tested to a hydrostatic pressure of 0.2MPa (20 m head)
  • P2 Reinforced concrete pressure pipes tested to a hydrostatic pressure of 0.4MPa (40 m head)
  • P3 Reinforced concrete pressure pipes tested to a hydrostatic pressure of 0.6MPa (60 m head)

We having testing of pipes facility as per IS 3597:1998 at our factory site
We having: 1) three edge load bearing Test equipment
2) Hydrostatic Test equipment
3) Permeability Test equipment
4) Straightness Test equipment

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